Behind the Lens meet Brittney Wesley

Well Hello There!

My name is Brittney Wesley. I am the owner and Lead Photographer for Life's Enchanted Moments Photography. I am a small town girl whom is living a Big Time dream. I am a Full Time, Destination Portrait Photographer based out of the South Dallas Fort Worth Area. I travel the Nation documenting Weddings and Upscale Events, and do Portrait sessions around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. I love working with Natural Light, but am also very well trained with on and off camera flash for dark area's such as receptions, and indoor weddings in which natural light is not available. I was recently voted as Top 10 Wedding Photographer by Expertise, and could not feel more honored! 

I have always been directed by all of my Professors and Mentors that I need to "Specialize in one area of Photography." I simply can not find myself to do so. I enjoy telling my clients -Full Story- so much I can not find it in me to "only photograph" a portion of their life. From their Prom Nights, through the Engagements, to their "I Do's", and then the birth of their beautiful babies, and everything in-between. How can I leave any part of that journey out? This is what makes My Journey so unique. I am able to be a part of all of those tender moments and document them to the best that I can. Leaving my clients with a life time of Timeless Portraits that will be a reminder of that moment in their life forevermore. 

By shooting all walks of life I have found that it creates a bond between myself and my clients that is true and sincere. To me that relationship is irreplaceable. I am able to be in all of those moments with them. I soon begin to know and understand them and in return I am able to Photograph moments that represent their true personality. It is a very special relationship and one I would not trade for anything. My Specialty is YOUR STORY! All of it!

Where I begin:

My Obsession for Photography began in 2001. My High School Sweetheart gifted me with a Nikon N65. It was a 35mm film camera and I immediately fell head over heals. (For him and the Camera.) I am grateful that my journey begin in the film industry. I believe that learning on film truly taught me the ergonomics of a camera. It's important to understand Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed and how they each play an important role in taking an image under different situations and environments. I think that it would be so easy in today's "digital world" to become discontent with the technique of Photography. I value that part of my Photography Journey and feel that it has had a great impact on my skills today. Everyday I continue to study and grow in my business. Photography has changed drastically since I began in 2001. I strive to continue to grow with the changes in the industry. I am passionate about what I do, and strive to only offer and provide the best to my clients. In 2002 I married my high school sweetheart. He continued to push me to pursue Photography as a Career. In 2006, after years of practice, studying and perfecting my skills, (and a big move to the DFW area) I officially opened Life's Enchanted Moments Photography. To this very day I still have multiple clients that I shot that first year in business. I have documented them for 11 years and feel very honored to be a part of all of their families milestones and yearly sessions. They have become great friends to me and I value them for believing in me and my dream. Today I have been married for 15 years, and we have 3 beautiful children. I simply can not imagine a better life. I travel shooting glamorous Weddings, and get to be in the room when a brand new baby enters this world. I do this while having an incredible family that loves and supports me in every step of my journey. I do not know what I would do without my wonderful husband and amazing children. I can not imagine a better life for myself. I am very blessed!


Fun Facts about me:

  • I LOVE animals. We have 3 dogs, a Great Dane, a Beagle puppy and a Miniature Dachshund.

  • I loathe shoes. I want to be barefoot always.

  • I do not like Chocolate Ice Cream.

  • I Love road trips. It doesn't matter where we are going, I just love to go.

  • I have been known to stop traffic to help a Turtle and a Duck cross the road. (on more than one occasion)

  • I have a Bubbly Personality.

  • I love whole heartedly. 
  • When I am at home, every evening ends in snuggles in my bed with my entire family and kisses goodnight.

  • I have a goal of doing Hospital Animal Therapy with my Great Dane.

  • I care greatly about others opinions about me.

  • I’m a perfectionist.

  • I am the mommy of 8, with 3 living children. I can't wait to see my angels again one day.

  • My happy place is camping with my Husband and children.

  • I Love all seasons, but my favorite season to Photograph in is Fall.

  • I’m a sucker for chips and salsa.

  • I have my Cosmetology License and Practiced for 6 years before being able to Support myself Full Time as a Photographer.

  • I CAN NOT STAND snakes or mice but will hold a frog or lizard.

  • I LOVE my husbands Homemade Banana Pudding.

  • I am a dreamer.

  • I do not have many Pictures of myself taken with an actual camera. I am always the one behind it, not in front of it.

  • I truly love people, in all walks of life. I believe we all have a right to our beliefs and will not let differences in opinion come in between the relationship that could become. In saying that, I wish the same respect be shown to me.