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Contractor Information:
Event Details
Work for Hire agreement:
Contractor agrees to work for Life's Enchanted Moments Photography as a second shooter providing Photography services on October 24th, 2015 from 4:30 till after the ceremony with ceremony starting at 5:00.

The Contractor and Life's Enchanted Moments agree that the Contractor is working as a second shooter for this event and is responsible for his/her own federal and state taxes, and withholdings.

Contractor is responsible for providing all of his/her own equipment in which to complete this assignment. SD cards will be provided by Life's Enchanted Moment. SD Card will be returned to Life's Enchanted Moments Photography immediately following Event, before departing venue.
Life's Enchanted Moments agrees to ship a disk of ALL unedited images taken by Contractor to Contractor address stated above no later than 1 week from said event.

Copyright and Reproduction Rights:
The Images taken by Contractor at said event will contain a shared Copyright by both Life's Enchanted Moments Photography and said Contractor. Images can be edited to desired look via both parties. Contractor agrees not to sell any image taken during the event. Images taken by Contractor can be used by themselves for Print Portfolio, Personal Website, and Social Media ONLY after 6 months from event contracted. Any image taken by contractor and posted anywhere online must never contain any Personal Client information including tagging. Any use of Any image that exceeds this limited scope is strictly prohibited. 

Contractor understands that he/she represents Life's Enchanted Moments Photography and not themselves while completing assignments for Life's Enchanted Moments Photography. While working for Life's Enchanted Moments, Contractor will not advertise his/her own business, nor will they solicit work for themselves. 

Contractor warrants that he/she is liable for own self and own equipment.

Contractor agrees to dress in a  manner that is modest and professional. Neutral colors will be worn and appliance will be well kept. 

Contractor agrees to work as a second shooter, for this particular event, for the experience, and knowledge as well as to build own portfolio. 

This Assignment is a single contract and guarantees no further assignments.

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