Terms of Use


INTERNET POSTING: It is illegal to copy or reproduce photographs taken by Life’s Enchanted Moments, and violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties. All photographs, including all those posted to Websites, Facebook and any other Social Media Site and including all potential proofs and purchased prints, are copyrighted; reproduction of any image by any means, including copying, screen captures, and other means of copying for print reproduction or sharing are strictly prohibited and are a violation of copyright law. Additionally, any photographers work posted on the Internet, blogs and social networking sites, without the proper credit given to the artist, in this case Life’s Enchanted Moments, is copyright infringement and is punishable to the full degree. Any image posted anywhere on the internet must contain proper artist credit as shown {Photograph taken by Life’s Enchanted Moments Photography by Brittney Wesley} and tagged or hashtagged accordingly. As an artist, Life’s Enchanted Moments wishes to have complete control over the final look of her images, and scanned or copied images damage her reputation as a photographer by distorting and devaluing the image quality. Thank you for respecting Life’s Enchanted Moments work and livelihood by choosing not to reproduce her images.

PRINTS: Legal prints can be obtained by purchasing directly from Life’s Enchanted Moments Photography or by a Print Release given with a Copyrighted Disk or Online Gallery of images. A Print Release release gives restrictive permission to the client to reproduce, display, distribute, and or use the copyrighted photographic material for personal use only. Any image can be shared via social media with all credit listed and given to Life’s Enchanted Moments Photography as described above. You may not distribute, duplicate, and/or use the copyrighted material for advertising and/or commercial use.You may not edit, modify, or create derivative works of the copyrighted material. This includes any editing software, including Instagram filters. Please note that a print release only grants permission to print. Copyright ownership remains with the photographer.