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Tuesday, February 27, 2018
By Life's Enchanted Moments Photography By Brittney Wesley
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Skipper and Brett Wedding Hillsboro TX

VENUE: The Eagle Historic Warehouse in Hillsboro TX

COORDINATOR: Meant to be Events

HAIR: Amy Fitzgerald

MAKEUP: Lip Service and Makeup

CATERING: Patriotic Pig

CAKES: Bakeology

DJ: Pro DJ and Entertainment

Ministry: Spiral Higher

PHOTOGRAPHY: Life's Enchanted Moments Photography LLC

 From the moment I met Skipper I knew we were going to click right away. She has such a sweet and kind personality. She is laid back, easy going and easy to please. Her and Brett are the perfect pair. They genuinely care for one another. She is absolutely smitten with him, and he adores her. It's so easy to see the love between them. 


Their Wedding Day begin early on the morning of December 29th, 2018. It was a chilly morning when Skipper showed up at the venue with her girls. They soon begin getting ready. There was so much joy and laughter shared in that room! 

Skippers gown was exquisite. It was beautiful adorned and laced all the way up the back. Skippers daughter helped her get her gown on and finish all the final touches. There were some very sweet and memorable moments as the day progressed. 


The Groom and his boys

The Girls

Bride and Groom First Looks- First Look Photography Session

Skipper and Brett decided very early on in our planning journeys that they wanted to do a first look session prior to the Ceremony. I literally had chill bumps sitting up these first looks. So touching!

Mother Son First Looks

Last moments before walking down the aisle

Groom reading his vows immediately before the Ceremony began.

The Ceremony was so quant and perfect. It was lead by Amy Fitzgerald, a close friend of the bride. She added so much fun to the ceremony. The Bride and Groom said their own vows and Brett incorporated the boys in his vows. It was absolutely beautiful. 



The Reception was a night full of dancing and laughter. Pro Dj and Entertainment lead the night as the DJ. They did a great job keeping the night running smoothly and the guest on their feet. A highlight of the evening was their GIANT screen projector! They played live feed from the wedding as well as Music Video. It was pretty neat! 

Patriotic Pig catered the Reception and desert bar, and it was SUPERB! Marc and Gina own the business and their workmanship truly shines through. They are such kind and genuine people. I only hope to work with them again in the future. 

The cakes were made by Bakeology. They were simply and gorgeous, and best of all, THEY WERE YUMMY!!! 


What a fun Wedding! It was such an honor being a part of it all! 

Saturday, January 13, 2018
By Life's Enchanted Moments Photography By Brittney Wesley
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Senior Portrait Sessions hold there own special feel. These are the portraits documenting that very big jump from High School, to the big world. many from "Home" to "on their own." Let's me honest, parents, this is really the last chance you have such a pull for them to get their pictures done. I LOVE my Senior Sessions! By this stage of their lives they have come into their own personalities, and we can get images that represent them.


Breanne is simply gorgeous. She has such a calm demeanor. A soft spoken, beautiful soul. She was so easy going and nailed every look we were going for. Her eyes caught the camera angle beautifully and popped in every image. What a fabulous shoot!

Saturday, December 16, 2017
By Life's Enchanted Moments Photography By Brittney Wesley
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“I wish I could turn back the clock. I’d find you sooner and love you longer.” – Author Unknown

This beautiful, low key wedding was set in the unique atmosphere at The Gardens of Los Vaqueros in Downtown Fort Worth Texas.

The Wedding was Coordinated by Amy Lacey Weddings, and Dj'ed by All Access DJ

This Wedding Day began for me just before the "I do's" with a few family Photo's, as requested, and extended through the Ceremony, and onto the Reception for some beautiful evening shots. Mary Beth was exquisite in her Golden Gown, and sapphire dewdrop earrings. This Wedding was especially beautiful due to all the love that surrounded the Bride and Groom. Their children, parents, brothers and sisters were all such a huge part of the evening. There were many tears of happiness and joy.

It was such a beautiful thing to see, and be a part of it all. 

The Ceremony was beautiful. From the first moment Ryan saw his daughters start down the isle, tears filled his eyes.

It was obvious that he was so happy, and had long waited these very moments. 


The Joy filled is eyes, and soon Mary Beth made her grand appearance. It was literally a chill bump moment!

It was as if the love between them was pulling her towards him, down the isle. 

They joined hands, prayed, and recited their vows to one another. The audience was filled with tears, laughter and so much joy. 


Monday, November 13, 2017
By Life's Enchanted Moments Photography
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Several months ago I received a message on my Facebook page asking for more information on my Maternity Portrait Sessions, and most importantly, how quickly I could get them in. I soon learned that this sweet couple was expecting their first baby, and daddy was soon to be deployed. She was only 29 Weeks pregnant, but they wanted a Maternity Photography Session before Daddy was deployed. We scheduled our Portrait Session for a few days later. That particular day was stormy and rainy literally ALL DAY LONG! I had a backup, indoor location available for Plan B, but we really wanted to shoot at our original location, if at all possible. We had watched the weather and prayed for the sky's to clear. Literally only about 30 minutes before our session the rain stopped and we were able to shoot, AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! 

I instantly knew that this Portrait Session was going to be one for the books. When you talk to Kelly you imediantly know that she is such a sweet person with a kind soul. I knew she was going to make a fabulous mommy! 


Several weeks went by and then Kelly sent me a message saying she was 39 weeks pregnant. Kort had been deployed by this time. I told her that I would love to do a Mini session for her to document her sweet baby bump. She didn't have much of a bump when Kort saw her last. She agreed to meet up with me and we were able to get some beautiful shots. The plan was that I was going to quickly edit them and she was going to surprise Kort with the Portraits. Well... little did we know that sweet Baby K would be making his arrival only 2 short days later. I am so glad that we were able to pull off the session to document that part of Kelly's pregnancy journey!

Newborn Photography Session

Only a short time later, I received word that baby was coming! Daddy was able to fly in a day after his birth and they wished for a Newborn Photography Session before Dad had to report back to the base. We schedule the Photo Session for just a few days later. It was the most beautiful session. Baby "K" did amazing! Kelly has such a gentle touch and you can truly tell how much love she has for her precious new little one. I can not explain the joy it brings me to be a part of these moments. I feel so blessed to do what I do. It puts me in places in peoples lives that mean so much. Without Photography, I would miss these special occasions that surround us every day. These tiny glimpses that pass by so quickly. The love that you first have when bringing home a brand new baby. 

Kort and Kelly, he is simply beautiful. I am so happy for you two and thank you for allowing me to be a part of documenting this precious time in your life!  

Thursday, October 19, 2017
By Life's Enchanted Moments Photography By Brittney Wesley
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What to consider when Hiring a Photographer


Hey Guys! O gosh! Where do I begin? I wanted to write a blog this morning with a warning. Every day I see social media flooded with "ISO Photographer" then hundreds comment offering their services. Most for little to nothing. Every day I also hear horror Photography related stories. The worst stories come from Weddings. Weddings are a one time thing. Moments that only happen once in your entire lifetime. Thus making them that much more important to make certain you hire a true Professional. Every single Wedding that I photograph, someone; or multiple people, tell me their "terrible Photographer experiences." That is no exaggeration. I am constantly told of how the Photographer never showed up, or how they never received any images, or how terrible the images were. It's such a tragedy that my industry has become what it is. An industry that is flooded with a market of people that pretend to be something that they are not, at the result of loosing memories that they were in trusted to document. 

My best piece of advice for hiring a Photographer is to look at their work. Look at them from a large computer screen, not from a small phone. Is it over-saturated? Over processed? Are there "halo's" around the tree lines from over editing (zoom in and look!)? Are white objects white? Are the images over exposed and blown out causing loss of detail in their faces (bright white)? Are the images clear and sharp? What about shadows or sun spots all over the subjects of the image?  Look at their pricing, and ask questions!

The market is FLOODED with people whom own a camera and call themselves a "Photographer" to earn a tiny bit of cash on the weekends. Photography is so much more than clicking a button on your camera. A Professional has years of training, and knows how to fully control a camera. Shooting in Full Manual gives you the control to set your shutter speed to adjust for active children, or a bride tossing her bouquet. If you don't want a blurry subject, setting your shutter speed is a must. "True" Professionals set their own White balance so a Bride's dress doesn't turn out Orange, or Green, or a newborn baby doesn't have a blue or yellow tint to them. Professionals adjust their Aperture. This can to allow for 15 people to be in full focus; where as a camera on Auto will only focus on the closest object, that being a person or object, the camera knows no difference. Ask if they shoot in RAW format or JPEG. RAW is a file format that captures all image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo. Because no information is compressed with RAW you're able to produce higher quality images. JPEG format compresses the image and results in a loss of resolution as well as data. In saying that, RAW format requires software that can edit such images and then convert the images into a JPEG for client viewing. RAW files are not recognized my all computer software. Professionals editing with professional grade equipment will shoot in RAW for best imaging results. 

What about flash? A new trend is "Natural Light Photographers". Is Natural Light gorgeous? Absolutely,  BUT do they know how to implement On and Off camera flash when Natural Light goes away like when it's a cloudy day or a dark indoor reception during a wedding? Images with not enough lighting become grainy and even blurry. This is a huge must for Wedding Photographers. You have to know how to use additional lighting properly. Untrained use of added flash will cause ugly shadows. It takes training and lots of practice to be to the level one should be at to shoot a Wedding. Shooting with Natural Light is grand until it is no longer available. On and Off camera flash, when used properly, can diminish shadows, even while using the natural lighting.  Most professionals know how to implement flash for enhancing the lighting around them to result in gorgeous shots.

A tell all sign of an Amateur pretending to be a Professional is PRICE. I work in the business literally 65+ hours a week. This is my Full Time Job. When I am not out on Photography Sessions, I spend at least 8 hours a day on my computer editing, building albums, marketing and blogging-which is a must for keeping my website to show up in search engines such as Google. I spend hours in my car driving to new locations all over the DFW area scouting shooting locations. I spend weeks on end preparing for my next Expo and spend thousands investing in High Quality Canvas to display my work at such Expo's. I have Thousands upon Thousands invested in gear, and am constantly required to replace gear due to them going out and burning up. When you shoot all the time, gear runs down quickly, and have you priced lenses recently? My monthly cost alone to run my business is more than my car payment. I have paid assistants and the list goes on. I simply can not shoot for less than I do, and really I am one of the Cheapest in my industry, speaking from a Professional sense. I want to offer my clients the absolute most that I can because I value Photography. I feel everyone needs Photographs to document their lives. Photographs that will spark memories later on. I don't want to over charge, and therefore have priced my sessions and products accordingly. I am not in this business for an overpaid position. In saying that, I also value my Profession. I can not shoot on a dime and make it a Full Time Profession. I don't want to do anything except what I do and have done for a decade and more. I have so much invested in this. I pour my entire heart into what I do and I want nothing more than to continue to do what I do. I charge what I charge so that I can continue.  

 I love you all with all my heart and want to give you Photographs that document the moments in your live's that you are living today, and want to remember tomorrow.